February 23, 2024
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When did Italy win the World Cup? is the question of many football fans today. This country is known as a country with a very developed football sport. As one of the most successful countries in the history of the FIFA World Cup, with a total of 4 championships in the history of this tournament. Let’s go to find out the championships of Italy at the biggest football tournament on the planet through the article below.

The history of Italy in the World Cup

Throughout the history of the World Cup tournament, Italy has won a total of 4 times. Italy won the first time in 1934. And the most recent time was in 2006 when the tournament was hosted. in Germany after the penalty kick and ended the match 1-1 in extra time. Despite its formidable track record in history, Italy disappointed fans immensely by failing to qualify for the 2018 qualifiers for the first time since 1985.

when did italy win world cup

When Did Italy Win The World Cup?

Let’s review the glorious history of Italy in the biggest football tournament on the planet! Check out the historical facts below.

1934First World Cup host and victory

The first time Italy won the World Cup was in 1934. This was also the first time the Italian team participated in this tournament. And at home, Italy defeated the US, Spain and Austria in turn to win tickets to the final. Here, with a tense match with the Czechoslovakian team equal in strength, Italy had to play extra time to beat them. In the final in Rome, the final score was 2-1 in favor of the Italian team. Italy officially became the World Cup champion for the first time.

Italy won world cup 1934

1938 – Continue to successfully defend the championship

Four years later, when the World Cup was held in France, Italy continued to win this football tournament and became the first team to achieve this feat. Before reaching the final, Italy easily defeated the teams of Norway, France and Brazil. And finally, a big victory with a score of 4-2 in the final in Paris against Hungary. The two heroes who made this history are Gino Colaussi and Silvio Piola.

Italy won world cup 1938

1982 – Defeat West Germany in Spain

The third time Italy won the World Cup was in 1982 in Spain, the scorer of the decisive goal was Paolo Rossi of Juventus. Earlier in the group stage, they finished 2nd behind Poland in the first group stage. It was not until the second group stage that they had a chance to lead Poland in Group C. With a superiority in the results, Italy excellently advanced to the final and defeated West Germany with a score of 3-1 This is also a historic tournament when there was the first penalty shootout when West Germany defeated France after a thrilling 3-3 draw in the semi-finals.

Italy won world cup 1982

2006Go on to win the 4th

In 2006, no bookie believed that Italy could continue to win the 4th World Cup. Although Italy’s experience of winning over Germany was more than enough to do this. With a strong spirit of competition throughout the season, Italy excellently defeated Australia, Ukraine and Germany to go straight to the final.

In the final, Italy had a memorable match against France when Gli Azzurri scored a penalty kick. Besides, the legendary French goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon was also the one who contributed to this historic victory when he conceded only 1 goal during the tournament (and, unfortunately, it was an own goal).

Italy won worl cup 2006

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Although Italy’s form has declined in recent World Cup seasons, fans still believe that Italy will once again win this tournament in the future and make glorious history. Hopefully, in the upcoming World Cup season, we will see the championship power of Italy once again. And the question of In what years did Italy win the World Cup? will have one more answer in the football history of this country.

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