September 22, 2023
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In professional sports, where talent and dedication intertwine, a pivotal aspect often flies under the radar: salaries. As we explore the intricate web of Sporting Kansas City’s player roster, we embark on a journey to unravel the significance and impact of “Sporting KC salaries.” Beyond the exhilarating on-field action, these salaries form the financial backbone that shapes team dynamics, fosters motivation, and reflects the investment in excellence.

Analytics Sporting KC Salaries

Sporting KC Salaries

Alan Pulido $2,200,000 $2,200,000 F 32 MX
Erik Thommy $1,550,000 $1,656,250 M 28 DE
Nemanja Radoja $1,440,000 $1,530,000 D 30 RS
Daniel Salloi $1,100,000 $1,100,000 F 27 HU
Johnny Russell $1,000,000 $1,000,000 M 33 UK
Gadi Kinda $850,000 $918,000 M 29 ET
Remi Walter $850,000 $850,000 M 28 FR
Tim Melia $625,000 $637,500 GK 37 US
Marinos Tzionis $625,000 $625,000 F 22 CY
Khiry Shelton $575,000 $625,000 F 30 US
Tim Leibold $500,000 $501,050 D 29 DE
Dany Rosero $456,000 $456,000 D 29 CO
Robert Voloder $425,000 $452,860 D 22 DE
Andreu Fontas $450,000 $450,000 D 33 ES
Logan Ndenbe $350,000 $396,125 D 23 BE
Graham Zusi $325,000 $325,000 M 36 US
William Agada $225,000 $271,875 F 23 NG
Robert Castellanos $85,444 $85,444 D 25 US
Roger Espinoza $85,444 $85,444 M 36 HN
Kortne Ford $165,000 $170,000 D 27 US
Kendall McIntosh $130,000 $130,000 GK 29 US
Felipe Hernandez $175,000 $207,000 M 25 CO
John Pulskamp $150,000 $173,500 GK 22 US
Cameron Duke $137,500 $140,500 M 22 US
Kayden Pierre $85,444 $91,819 D 20 US
Jake Davis $85,444 $85,444 D 21 US
Stephen Afrifa $67,360 $67,360 F 0 CA
Chris Rindov $67,360 $67,360 D 0 US

Diverse Profiles, Diverse Salaries

Alan Pulido
Alan Pulido

The roster showcases an array of profiles, each matched with a corresponding salary that echoes their significance on and off the field. Alan Pulido, a veteran forward at 32, commands a base salary of $2,200,000, reflective of his integral role in the squad. Erik Thommy’s base salary of $1,550,000 is a testament to his dynamic capabilities as a 28-year-old midfielder.

Top Earners and Their Impact

Nemanja Radoja
Nemanja Radoja

Key earners like Nemanja Radoja, a 30-year-old defender, draw attention with a base salary of $1,440,000, rising to $1,530,000 when guaranteed. The same applies to Daniel Salloi, a 27-year-old forward, who’s compensated with a base and guaranteed salary of $1,100,000. These figures highlight their role in driving Sporting KC’s performance.

Positional Insight: A Tactical Approach

Johnny Russell
Johnny Russell

A tactical lens unveils the strategic allocation across positions. For instance, Johnny Russell, a 33-year-old midfielder, earns a base and guaranteed salary of $1,000,000, solidifying his importance in midfield control. Marinos Tzionis, a 22-year-old forward, stands at a $625,000 base and guaranteed salary, revealing the club’s investment in youthful potential.

Strategic Vision: Veterans and Emerging Stars

Graham Zusi
Graham Zusi

The roster features the seasoned Graham Zusi and Roger Espinoza, both aged 36, drawing salaries of $325,000 and $85,444, respectively. Their contributions extend beyond the pitch, providing mentorship and leadership. Conversely, Logan Ndenbe, a 23-year-old defender, showcases a base and guaranteed salary of $350,000 and $396,125, indicating Sporting KC’s confidence in his developmental trajectory.

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In the grand tapestry of sports, the thread of salaries weaves a story of commitment, strategy, and recognition. The intricacies of “Sporting KC salaries” showcase a mosaic where experience and potential converge, where the contributions of veterans align with the promise of emerging talents. As the team marches forward through the season, these salaries stand as a constant reminder of the dedication that drives Sporting Kansas City towards its goals.

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