September 22, 2023
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Robert Parker Stadium is one of the oldest stadiums and has undergone many changes to get where it is today. Accordingly, since 1986, Ashford Town’s home games have been held at Short Lane in Stanwell. The stadium can hold up to 2,550 people, and 250 can sit down and stay dry. In 2010, the stadium’s name was changed to the Robert Parker Stadium to honor Bob Parker, who had been chairman for 28 years.

About Robert Parker Stadium

About Robert Parker Stadium

Below is the more specific information about the stadium.

Stadium Address

Heathrow Airport is a half mile north of the stadium and can be seen from the stadium. Fields are to the north, an oil depot is to the east, football fields are to the south, and houses are to the west of the ground. 

It is just 2 miles from the Ashford (Surrey) train station and 2.5 miles from the Piccadilly Line’s Hatton Cross tube station. Since 1986, the club has been meeting there.

Address: Short Ln, Stanwell TW19 7BH, UK

Tel: 01784 245908

Email: [email protected]

The stadium’s age

The land was opened in 1986, but most changes came after that. The Main Stand, on the right, opened in 1998 and has grown from its original 100 seats to its current 150 seats. On the other side, there are two covered areas.


Capacity and seats of the stadium

The Robert Parker can hold 2,250 people and has 250 seats. It is a good stadium for the level, and I like it. The main part of the field has a small stand with about 100 seats. Next to this stand is a covered terrace with space for about 50 people. 

The tea bar, club shop, and changing rooms are on the other side of the stand. On the other side of the field is another stand with 150 seats and ATFC written on the seats. It’s pretty cool!

In front of this, are the dugouts. The rest of the field is open, but space behind both goals is limited because of how close the venue is to other places.

Behind one of the goals is a simple covered terrace with room for about 75 people. Behind the other goal is an open walkway with a gas tank behind the ground, a unique feature.

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Ashford Town’s Marked Period

Ashford Town’s Marked Period

The club quit the Premier Division during the 1964–65 season, so their record was wiped clean. The first team replaced the reserves in Division Two the following season.

In 1965-66, the club finished third in Division Two, which got them promoted to Division One.

After coming in second place in Division One the next year, the club joined the Surrey Intermediate League’s Premier Division B for the 1967-68 season. They were moved up to Division Two after finishing third in their first season in Division Three.

In 2002, when the leagues were reorganized, they were moved to Division One South. In 2004, they moved to the Western Division of the Southern League. The club was relegated at the end of the 2009-10 season and put in Division One Central of the Southern League.

They were offered a late reprieve from relegation after Merthyr Tydfil went out of business, but they turned it down and started the 2010-1 season in Division One Central. The club came in last in Division One Central in 2013–14, so it was sent back to the Combined Counties League. 

They came in third in the Premier Division in their first year back in the league. The next year, they came in second and were moved back to the Southern League’s Division One Central. At the end of the 2017-18 season, they were moved to the Isthmian League’s South Central Division.



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