December 2, 2023
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Nowlan Park is the name of a famous stadium in Ireland. It is also the venue for major tournaments and is the home ground of the Kilkenny team. If you are a sports fan and are living in Ireland, you must visit this place once. Find out more information about Nowlan Park with here!

Information about the stadium

Nowlan park, also known as UPMC Nowlan Park, is owned by the Gaelic Sports Association in Kilkenny, Ireland. The stadium is named after the oldest working GAA President – James Nowlan. The stadium has been in operation since 1927, replacing St.James Park. This is also the home ground of the Kilkenny team.


The stadium includes:

– 1 old stand (on O’Loughlin Street) with a design including many rows of benches, but without a roof because it was damaged by the 2014 storm. But don’t worry, the plan for the new roof is already underway.

– Paddy Grace Stand (on Hebron Street): This is a new stand with a roof and benches.

– Ted Carrol Stand: 4000 plastic seats and covered.

– City Terrace has a roof.

The Kilkenny stadium is expected to hold up to 30,000 people. Damaged parts have been repaired to ensure the safety of spectators and players attending tournaments.

Nowlan Park


UPMC Nowlan Park is located at O’loughlin Rd, Pennefatherslot, Kilkenny, R95 WN66, Ireland.

Contact information includes:

  • Phone number: +353 567 765 122
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Capacity: 27,000 (18,000 seated)

You can look at the map to find the location of this stadium:

Supporter club

If you’re a Kilkenny GAA supporter and want to enjoy the perks of Nowlan Park, join and support the stadium’s club. By joining the sports club, you will contribute to:

– Kilkenny senior hurdles training fund and other supports.

– Kilkenny u-20 and small teams.

– The club represented Kilkenny in the all-Ireland club final.

– The schools represented Kilkenny in the all-Ireland finals.

– High schools train and subsidize hurdles.

– District camogie team.

– Kilkenny teams in all of Ireland’s football finals and hurdles.

– Proceedings of the Kilkenny GAA.

– Holiday fund of senior hurdlers.

As a member of the support club, you will receive:

– Kilkenny supporters club membership card

– Kilkenny supporters club car stickers.

– The earliest contact information on selected teams for league and championship matches.

Members will also be drawn into a draw for tickets to All Ireland if Kilkenny qualifies.

UPMC Nowlan Park

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Not just a place to host sports tournaments

In addition to being used to organize major sports tournaments, This place is also used to host festivals as well as large concerts. Many world-famous singers such as: Andrea Bocelli, Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Bryan Ferry, James Taylor, Shania Twain, Dolly Parton … have performed here.

In July 2013, the final of Bruce Springsteen’s European tour was also held here. This has also been included in the list of Ireland to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

During the time of social distancing because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is used as a driving test center to maintain operating funds when it is not possible to hold annual tournaments and festivals.

Nowlan Park host festivals

Representative Club

Kilkenny GAA is the home team operating at Nowlan Park. This is a hurling football team managed by the Kilkenny County Board of Directors (under the auspices of the Gaelic Athletic Association – Kilkenny GAA). The team is also one of 32 GAA boards in Ireland responsible for Gaelic tournaments in County Kilkenny.

The board of directors is headquartered and key facilities are located in Nowlan Park, which is also responsible for Kilkenny County teams at all leagues and levels. The Kilkenny branch of the Gaelic Athletics Association was founded in 1887.

Among sports, hurling is the dominant sport in Kilkenny County. This is the sport that is held the most annual tournaments. Kilkenny County’s glorious playing history includes: 36-time All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, 73-time Leinster Senior Hurling Championship and 19-time National Hurling League.

Kilkenny GAA


Above is the information about Nowlan Park stadium that you may need if you want to visit this place once. Don’t forget to follow us every day for all the cool information about famous stadiums around the world!

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