February 23, 2024
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As the world of soccer continues to evolve, player salaries are one aspect that never fails to intrigue fans and enthusiasts. In Major League Soccer (MLS), New York City FC (NYCFC) is a prominent team with a roster of talented athletes. The question of “New York City FC players salaries” often arises, leading to discussions about how much these players earn, the factors that influence their earnings, and what the numbers reveal about the team’s investment and strategies.

Analytics: New York City FC players salaries

New York City FC players salaries

2023 Senior Roster (Spots 1-20)

Thiago Martins $1,650,000 $2,112,000 D 28 BR
Santiago Rodriguez $1,200,000 $1,331,333 M 23 UY
Alexandru Mitrita $1,300,000 $1,300,000 F 28 RO
Talles Magno $950,000 $1,198,000 F 21 BR
Matias Pellegrini $1,025,000 $1,120,833 F 0 AR
James Sands $1,000,000 $1,058,333 M 23 US
Braian Cufré $672,000 $757,800 D 26 AR
Alfredo Morales $600,000 $662,250 M 33 DE
Andres Perea $525,000 $591,500 M 22 US
Keaton Parks $550,000 $550,000 M 26 US
Maxime Chanot $400,000 $483,333 D 33 FR
Richy Ledezma $350,000 $396,000 M 22 US
Mitja Ilenič $204,000 $295,700 D 18 SI
Maximo Carrizo $67,360 $111,597 M 15 US
Luis Barraza $145,000 $152,688 GK 26 US
Cody Mizell $85,444 $85,444 GK 31 US
Kevin O’Toole $85,444 $85,444 F 24 US
Tayvon Gray $300,000 $350,000 D 20 US
Matt Freese $161,250 $180,000 GK 24 US
Justin Haak $150,000 $165,000 M 21 US
Andres Jasson $125,000 $142,144 F 21 US
Stephen Turnbull D 25 US

The Average and The Exceptional

With NYCFC’s total player salary expenditure for 2023 amounting to approximately $15.45 million, it’s evident that a considerable investment goes into building and maintaining the team. This year’s spending is slightly lower than the previous year, but as the summer transfer window opens, these numbers might see some adjustments.

Thiago Martins
Thiago Martins

Thiago Martins, the Brazilian defender, leads the pack in earnings. With a base salary of $1,650,000 and a guaranteed salary of $2,112,000, Martins takes the title of the highest-paid player in the squad. This might raise eyebrows, as defenders typically don’t top the earning charts. However, Martins’ exceptional performance and improvement throughout 2023 suggest that his Designated Player price tag might be justified.

The Positional Breakdown

Santiago Rodriguez
Santiago Rodriguez

A closer look at the salaries across different positions reveals interesting insights. For instance, attackers like Santiago Rodriguez and Alexandru Mitrita command substantial figures, with both players earning around $1.2 to $1.3 million in guaranteed salaries. On the other hand, defenders like Maxime Chanot and Braian Cufré also secure handsome earnings, showcasing the team’s balanced investment across positions.

Factors Influencing Salaries

The player salaries in NYCFC, as in any professional sports team, are influenced by various factors. Experience, skill level, and contribution to the team’s success all play a role in determining a player’s compensation. Additionally, contract length and negotiations contribute to the final salary figures. The players’ performance throughout the season also factors into the decision-making process.

A Growing Trend

NYCFC’s salary structure this year has a more balanced distribution than previous seasons. While players are still earning above the million-dollar mark, the team’s youthfulness and the focus on nurturing young talents might explain the decrease in players making over $500,000. This trend aligns with the team’s strategy of building a strong foundation for the future.

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In the ever-evolving world of soccer, New York City FC players salaries reflect more than just numbers on a page. They signify the dedication, teamwork, and ambition of athletes who bring the sport to life on the field. As fans continue to cheer for their favourite players and analysts scrutinize the stats, it’s clear that the salaries reflect the team’s commitment to creating a competitive and thriving soccer community. From the highest-paid players to those just beginning to make their mark, each salary figure is a testament to NYCFC’s investment in its players and the sport’s enduring allure.

For the latest updates on New York City FC players salaries and all things soccer, stay tuned or visit the official NYCFC website. It’s not just about the wages; it’s about the passion, dedication, and unity that define the spirit of the game.

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