February 23, 2024
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In the vibrant world of Major League Soccer (MLS), the Montreal Impact stands tall as a team with an illustrious history and a fervent fan base. As with any professional sports organization, player salaries play a pivotal role in defining the team’s dynamics and potential for success. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Montreal Impact player salaries, exploring the numbers, analyzing data like football data analytics experts, and drawing intriguing conclusions about the team’s financial strategies.

Overview of Montreal Impact Player Salaries

Montreal Impact Player Salaries

The payroll of a soccer team reflects its commitment to nurturing talent, retaining seasoned players, and attracting fresh stars to don their colors. The table below showcases the base salary and guaranteed salary of some key Montreal Impact players:

Victor Wanyama $1,440,000 $1,800,000 M 32 KE
Romell Quioto $950,000 $1,035,000 F 31 HN
Aaron Herrera $725,000 $820,220 D 26 US
Lassi Lappalainen $630,000 $660,000 F 24 FI
Mason Toye $550,000 $608,000 F 24 US
Ahmed Hamdi $500,000 $597,500 M 25 EG
Matko Miljevic $545,455 $593,364 M 22 US
Rudy Camacho $500,000 $554,000 D 32 FR
Samuel Piette $397,375 $469,563 M 25 CA
Zachary Brault-Guillard $275,000 $319,375 D 24 CA
Sunusi Ibrahim $200,000 $291,250 F 20 NG
Chinonso Offor $200,000 $257,875 F 23 NG
Ariel Lassiter $220,000 $240,280 F 28 CR
Gabriele Corbo $216,350 $216,350 D 23 IT
Robert Thorkelsson $175,000 $198,500 D 21 IS
Joel Waterman $161,370 D 27 CA
Kwadwo Opoku $216,000 $257,288 F 22 GH
James Pantemis $144,996 $163,996 GK 26 CA
Bryce Duke $150,000 $150,000 M 22 US
Jules-Anthony Vilsaint $85,444 $92,319 F 20 CA
Logan Ketterer $88,200 $88,200 GK 29 US
George Campbell $325,000 $365,625 D 22 US
David Choiniere $250,000 $276,667 M 26 CA
Sean Rea $85,444 $92,340 M 21 CA
Rida Zouhir $85,444 $92,340 M 19 CA
Jonathan Sirois $85,444 $89,780 GK 22 CA
Nathan-Dylan Saliba $67,360 $79,169 M 19 CA
Jojea Kwizera $68,775 $68,775 F 24 CD
Ousman Jabang $67,360 $67,360 D 22 US

Analyzing the Data: A Football Data Analytics Perspective

Unraveling the figures presented in the table, we gain valuable insights into Montreal Impact’s financial approach to their players. Let’s delve into some key observations:

1. Victor Wanyama: The Highest Earner

Victor Wanyama
Victor Wanyama

Victor Wanyama, the seasoned midfielder from Kenya, stands as the highest-paid player on the team. His base salary of $1,440,000 and a guaranteed salary of $1,800,000 reflect both his experience and prowess on the field.

2. Striking Power: Romell Quioto and Mason Toye

Romell Quioto, a formidable forward from Honduras, and Mason Toye, an emerging talent from the US, command substantial salaries of $950,000 and $550,000, respectively. These figures emphasize the team’s focus on bolstering their attacking front.

3. Defensive Fortitude: Aaron Herrera and Rudy Camacho

Aaron Herrera
Aaron Herrera

The defensive duo of Aaron Herrera and Rudy Camacho, with base salaries of $725,000 and $500,000, respectively, play crucial roles in stabilizing Montreal Impact’s backline.

4. Promising Young Talent: Matko Miljevic

At just 22 years of age, Matko Miljevic from the US showcases the team’s dedication to nurturing young talents with a base salary of $545,455.



In this exploration of Montreal Impact player salaries, we’ve uncovered the monetary value placed on talent and skill within the team. The wages allotted to players reflect the club’s commitment to building a formidable and competitive squad. From established stars to budding talents, each player’s contribution is acknowledged through their salaries.

The journey of Montreal Impact is an ongoing one, and the team’s financial decisions are intricately linked to their pursuit of success on the pitch. As the MLS continues to evolve, so too will the salaries of its players, shaping the future of this great sporting league.

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