February 23, 2024
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How to watch Serie A in UK? As you know, Serie A is the name of the most advanced professional football tournament in the Italian football system. The champion in the Seria will receive the noble title Scudetto and the Coppa Campioni D’Italia trophy. Serie A has the presence of 20 teams, including AC Milan, Atalanta, Bologna, Cagliari, Empoli, Fiorentina, Genoa, Inter Milan. Follow Asc Football to learn more!

How to watch Serie A in UK?

How To Watch Serie A In Uk?

There are several options to watch Serie A streaming live, with TV broadcasts being the simplest one. Several networks and websites offer Italian League live streaming. However, I’ve included a few of the greatest below:

BT Sport

BT Sport, which hosts Serie A in the UK, airs a few games live from each round on various networks. Respected journalist James Richardson, who hosted the legendary Channel 4 Serie A program Football Italia in the 1990s, is in charge of their coverage.

The website and app, which are accessible on iOS, Android, game consoles, Apple TV, NOW TV, and a few models of smart TVs, allow subscribers to follow the action.

ESPN, which broadcasts Serie A live in the US

For live streaming of Serie A, the US ESPN website delivers all you could possibly desire and more. ESPN provides a jam-packed calendar of sports for you to enjoy, whether you utilize the web streaming service or your TV to view their networks.

RAI Italia

You guessed it: Italy’s national broadcaster is called RAI Italia. You can still follow all the action while traveling if you’re planning a trip during the season because they also have a platform for North America.


The live stream of the Italian Serie A will be accessible on OTT if you already have a FuboTV subscription. If you decide not to subscribe, you may do so for $54.99 a month or benefit from a 7-day free trial.

Above are the platforms where you can watch Serie A in the UK in the form of a livestream. Here’s all you need to know about how to watch Italian League in 2022–23 after BT Sport revealed they would be the exclusive broadcaster of the league in the UK and Ireland.

Each round will feature “at least five live games,” according to Serie A and BT Sport, who both stated that “every single match” will air on their platforms.

Additionally, this app said that James Richardson would present a weekly Italian League show for their audiences in the UK and Ireland.

Five live games will be played in each round of the Serie A 2021–22 season, for a total of more than 200 live games. This has been verified by BT Sport. For at least the next three years, the broadcaster will have the exclusive right to broadcast Serie A in the UK and Ireland. An exclusive partnership with BT Sport that lasts through 2024 was revealed.

Is BT Sport legal to show Serie A?

Italian League will only be televised by BT Sport in the UK and Ireland for the next three seasons, from 2024. According to the new arrangement, this app will broadcast at least five games per matchday in the UK and Ireland. The Italian first division is set to begin play on August 21.

Premier Sport, who had been the league’s UK and Ireland subscription broadcasters, will be replaced by BT Sport as a result of the agreement.

“The inclusion of Serie A means that fans will be able to see some of the greatest football players, coaches, and teams in the world. Italian League joins our exclusive coverage of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League, as well as France’s Ligue 1. European football has always been a focal point of our programming “said Rachel Knight, rights director for BT Sport.

According to reports, the parties’ agreement is valued at about $163.5 million annually, excluding sales to the US, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Every game’s unique match analysis will be televised on BT Sport, along with expert commentary on a number of league games.

Is BT Sport legal to show Serie A?

The cost of watching series A

Price: 25 GBP ($28.43) and above each month

The best place to watch live feeds of the games if you reside in the UK is on BT Sport. To view the broadcasts online, you must have a BT ID if you wish to subscribe. A TV license, which calls for a legitimate billing address and local bank card, is necessary to obtain a BT ID. But if all you want to do is watch the games online, purchase a Monthly Pass.

To purchase a Monthly Pass, you must have a credit/debit card issued in the UK or Ireland.

What are the types of watch on BT Sport?

BT Sport Channels List for Série A

BT Sports 1 HD

The English Premier League, UEFA Competitions, and the Italian Serie A are just a few of the prominent football leagues covered on this channel, a professional football television channel.

BT Sports 2 HD

Another excellent source of high-quality football programming is BT Sport 2 HD, which broadcasts the Premier League, European Competitions, Italian Serie A, and EFL Championship.

BT Sports 3 HD

A professional sports channel, BT Sport 3 HD, airs various sports programming, including football, cricket, and others. This Channel provides HD video coverage of the Bundesliga.

It is available on BT Sport, Virgin Media TV, BT Sports Package, Now TV, Talk Talk TV, Eir Vision, Plusnet, and other platforms.

Sports Extra on BT

The multi-sports channel BT Sport Extra broadcasts various sporting events under BT sports rights.

BT Sport Channels List for Série A

Livestream of BT Sport Channels

Livestream offers the BT Série A bundle as part of a subscription-based service. The App may be downloaded on Android, iOS, and tablet devices to access the streaming.

Streaming options for subscription

BT Sport Player (the K only)

Virgin TV Go (the K only).

Now TV (Ireland only)

In addition to the footage, this app provided headlines, highlights, post-game analysis, and statistics. “The level of uptake surpassed our expectations.

This App is more affordable if you’re trying to save money, especially if you sign up for it as part of a bundle with BT TV and broadband.

Livestream of BT Sport Channels

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How to watch the Italian League online?

You may stream Italian football games from anywhere in the globe by utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This league may have its origins in Italy, but it is not the only area where you can watch it. This is because a VPN alters your IP address and makes it appear as though you’re in the nation where the TV station or streaming service you wish to access is available.

Only services that are region-locked will broadcast Italian football. This implies that you’ll need a VPN if you wish to continue watching your regular services while visiting another country.

Here’s how to use a VPN to watch Serie A online from any location:

Start by selecting a reliable VPN service. The powerful, quick alternatives to NordVPN include Surfshark and ExpressVPN.

Install the VPN program after downloading it. Ensure you obtain the right version because most providers provide distinct Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS versions.

Select one of the authorized Serie A broadcasters listed below.

Find a server nearby and connect to it. For example, if you want to access BT Sport or unlock Paramount+, you’ll need a US or British server.

Try playing a video on your preferred website. If it doesn’t load immediately, try deleting your cookies and reloading your browser.

Try a VPN for free.

There is a method to trial a VPN for free if you’re unsure about signing up for another one.

Free VPN services are not worth your time. You may have been seduced by a freebie if you have already looked up how to watch Italian football in the UK. However, they seldom ever function, and if they do, your data may be compromised. Using a reliable company is the best option for watching Italian football in the UK.

How To Watch The Italian Serie A Online?

One of the top VPNs on the market is ExpressVPN. Additionally, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means you may discover how to use a VPN to view Serie A in the UK and take advantage of a full month of watching. You can request a complete refund within the first 30 days if you’re not entirely happy with the service.

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Since August 2021, Serie A has been playing, and we have seen some of the best football ever played. Although there are numerous broadcasters to pick from, your BT Sport or VPN service will give you access to considerably more possibilities.

There are a variety of live streaming alternatives available for the competition; you can watch it in the UK on BT Sport, but with a VPN, you may select the option that works best for you. Hope the article helped you know how to watch Serie A in UK.  Follow CupFC to see more exciting sports articles!

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