February 23, 2024
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Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the greatest footballers of all time, known for his exceptional skills, goal-scoring ability, and remarkable career. However, amidst his numerous achievements, a question often arises: “How many red cards does Ronaldo have?” This inquiry delves into the disciplinary aspect of his illustrious career and sheds light on the instances where Ronaldo’s on-field conduct led to him being shown a red card.

How Many Red Cards Does Ronaldo Have?

How Many Red Cards Does Ronaldo Have

Ronaldo’s disciplinary record in domestic competition has been a topic of discussion throughout his career. Let’s explore his red card incidents in both La Liga and the Premier League.

Red Cards in Clubs

Ronaldo has played for several prestigious clubs throughout his career, and it’s only natural to wonder how many red cards he has received while representing them. Let’s examine the number of dismissals he has incurred at each stage of his club career:

Sporting CP

During his time with Sporting CP in Portugal, Ronaldo showcased his prodigious talent, but he managed to keep his disciplinary record relatively clean. Surprisingly, he received no red cards during his tenure at the club.

Manchester United

Ronaldo Red Cards in Clubs

After his breakthrough at Sporting CP, Ronaldo moved to Manchester United in 2003. During his six seasons with the Red Devils, Ronaldo established himself as a global superstar. However, his competitive spirit occasionally led to clashes on the field. In total, he received 4 red cards during his time at Manchester United.

Real Madrid

In 2009, Ronaldo made a blockbuster move to Real Madrid, where he achieved unparalleled success. While showcasing his extraordinary skills, he faced occasional disciplinary issues, resulting in 2 red cards throughout his tenure with Los Blancos.


In 2018, Ronaldo joined Juventus in Italy, aiming to conquer new frontiers. His time with the Turin-based club has been relatively incident-free so far, with no red cards to his name.

Red Cards for the National Team

Ronaldo Portugal National team

Cristiano Ronaldo has been a stalwart for the Portuguese national team, leading them to glory on numerous occasions. However, even the national team’s talisman has experienced moments of frustration that have led to dismissals. Let’s explore Ronaldo’s red card history when representing his country:

Portugal National Team

While representing Portugal, Ronaldo has showcased his exceptional skills and leadership qualities. However, emotions can run high in the heat of international competitions, resulting in dismissals. Throughout his international career, Ronaldo has received 1 red card while playing for Portugal.

Circumstances Surrounding Red Cards

Ronaldo Real Madrid

Let’s dive into the circumstances surrounding some of Ronaldo’s red cards, shedding light on the incidents that led to his dismissals:

Manchester United: The Infamous Headbutt

During a match against Manchester City in 2009, Ronaldo was involved in a heated altercation with City’s defender, resulting in a red card for both players. The incident saw Ronaldo headbutt his opponent, a momentary lapse of judgment that he later regretted.

Real Madrid: Kicking Out at an Opponent

In a match against Cordoba in 2015, Ronaldo was shown a straight red card for kicking out at an opponent. The frustration of a challenging game got the better of him, leading to the dismissal.

Reactions and Quotes

Ronaldo’s red cards have often attracted attention and generated various reactions from fans, coaches, and teammates. Here are some notable quotes:

“Ronaldo is an exceptional player, but he needs to control his emotions better on the field.” – Former Manchester United Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

“Cristiano is a fierce competitor, and sometimes that fire spills over. It’s something he’s working on improving.” – Former Real Madrid Teammate, Sergio Ramos.

Statistical Analysis

Cristiano Ronaldo has received a total of 11 red cards throughout his career. Here are the matches in which he was shown a red card:

Date Match Competition
May 15, 2004 Aston Villa – Manchester United (2-0) Premier League
January 14, 2006 Manchester City – Manchester United (3-1) Premier League
August 15, 2007 Portsmouth – Manchester United (1-1) Premier League
November 30, 2008 Manchester City – Manchester United (0-1) Premier League
December 5, 2009 Real Madrid – Almeria (4-2) La Liga
January 24, 2010 Real Madrid – Malaga (2-0) La Liga
May 17, 2013 Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid (1-2) Copa Del Rey
February 2, 2014 Athletic Club – Real Madrid (1-1) La Liga
January 24, 2015 Cordoba – Real Madrid (1-2) La Liga
August 13, 2017 Barcelona – Real Madrid (1-3) Super Copa
September 19, 2018 Valencia – Juventus (0-2) Champions League


Number of Red Cards Straight Red Cards 2 Yellow Cards
11 7 4

On average, Ronaldo has received approximately 0.09 red cards per season throughout his club career.


In conclusion, Cristiano Ronaldo has accumulated a total of 7 straight red cards in his career so far. The majority of his dismissals occurred during his time at Manchester United, while his disciplinary record has significantly improved since joining Juventus. Despite occasional moments of heated emotion, Ronaldo remains a football icon, admired for his incredible skills and unrivaled dedication to the sport.

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