Hadley Stadium football – Dream address of sports enthusiasts

hadley stadium football
Hadley Stadium is a famous sports training and competition venue in Birmingham

Hadley Stadium football is a famous address for many sports followers, especially football, with dreamlike facilities. Here, you can comfortably experience the most professional-class sports services. Let’s explore this address with cupfc.net in the article below to see if there is anything hot that this place is so famous for!

About Hadley Stadium

Hadley Football Stadium is one of the stadiums in England. This is a community stadium, specifically used to host football, athletics, cycling and other community events. Over time, Hadley Stadium was improved with the aim of increasing the audience experience when participating in every event or competition here. Besides, the stadium has a large free parking lot located on Waterloo Road and has priority parking for the disabled.

hadley stadium football

Contact Info

Hadley Stadium football is located on Wilson Road, Smethwick, Birmingham B66 4ND. You can take bus lines 21, 61, 82, 122 to get to the stadium. Smethwick Rolfe Street Station is also a 7-minute drive away.

To book tickets, please contact:

– Call: 0300 012 0121 (Press 1, Press 4, Press 3)

– Email: [email protected]


map to Hadley Stadium football

Opening and operating hours

The stadium will have different opening and closing hours between weekdays and weekends, specifically:

– Monday to Friday: 16:30 – 22:00

– Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 – 17:00

Admission price for the day

Daily admission ticket prices are as follows:

– ADULTS (18 – 65 years old): £2

– CONCESSIONS (Student, 65+, etc.): £1


Special, season ticket: £25

The reason the season tickets are so high is because of the desire to support the cost of having clubs participating in tournaments held here as well as the Birmingham Tigers team. At the same time, this is also the cost to commit that you can attend every match, even at an away or opponent’s field. If you have a season ticket at any club, you will be able to watch Birmingham Tigers home matches for just £1. All you have to do is present valid tickets at the entrance.

birmingham tigers club
Ticket prices when there is a Birmingham Tigers tournament will be more expensive than usual

Area and facilities of the stadium

Hadley Stadium Football offers gyms with high-class fitness equipment, international standards and recognized by Quest for quality. The stadium also offers a 400m marathon. 3G yard with a full range of facilities and equipment of all sizes for you to use. Multi-purpose rooms, game rooms are also available for you to register to compete or practice.

In addition, Stadium also has a full range of other services such as:

Changing rooms

– Showers

– Free parking

– Toilets

– 11 aside pitch

– 7 aside 

– Indoor sports hall

hadley stadium facilities
Hadley Stadium has an indoor and outdoor court system that meets Quest standards

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Sports played at the stadium

Here, you can participate in sports activities as follows:

– Basketball: the schedule will be on Wednesdays from 4:30 – 6:00pm, for ages 12 – 19 and adults. Currently, there are only men’s clubs.

– Women‘s football: scheduled every Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:00am, there are 3 clubs for ages from 6-11 years old, 12-19 years old and adults.

– Football 4 all: schedule takes place on Tuesday and Thursday, from 4:30 – 6:00 pm for children from 6-11 years old, and from 12-19 years old.

Kicks: This is a club organized with the aim of helping every child from 12-18 years old have legitimate defense skills to keep themselves safe. This is a free club and is branded by West Bromwich Albion.

– Mini kicks: This club is also organized for the purpose of improving self-defence, exclusively for children aged 8 – 11.

– Led Rides: Held every Wednesday at 4:00 pm. The club is free and open to all ages, often the whole family rides together with LED lights to improve health, confidence and connection. The stadium offers bicycles for rent.

activities in hadley stadium
Hadley Stadium has many sports activities suitable for all genders and ages

Above are detailed information about Hadley Stadium football that you can refer to. If you are a sports lover and are near Birmingham, then try to visit this place once.

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