December 2, 2023
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When it comes to football, fans are always curious about the salaries of their favorite players. In this article, we will take a closer look at the salaries of Fulham FC players. From goalkeepers to strikers, we have compiled a comprehensive list of weekly and annual salaries for each player. Cupfc will explore the various factors that influence the salaries of the players, analyze the impact of salaries on team performance, and discuss the future of Fulham FC salaries.

Background of Fulham FC

Fulham FC
Fulham FC

Fulham FC was founded in 1879 and is one of the oldest football clubs in London. The club has a rich history and has achieved significant success over the years, including winning the Intertoto Cup in 2002, reaching the final of the Europa League in 2010, and earning promotion to the Premier League four times.

Currently, Fulham FC is struggling in the Premier League and is fighting to avoid relegation. The team is managed by Scott Parker, and its home ground is Craven Cottage.

Understanding the Salaries of Fulham FC Players

Salaries of Fulham FC Players

Salaries are an integral part of football, and they play a crucial role in determining the success of a team. The salaries of football players are influenced by various factors, such as performance, reputation, and age.

Fulham FC has a salary sheet that outlines the weekly and annual salaries of its players. The club’s highest-paid player is Bernd Leno, a goalkeeper, who earns £90,000 per week and £4,680,000 per year. The lowest-paid player is Tyrese Francois, a midfielder, who earns £962 per week and £50,000 per year.

Compared to other Premier League clubs, Fulham players salaries are on the lower end of the spectrum. However, it is important to note that the club is currently fighting to avoid relegation, and its financial situation may improve if it manages to stay in the Premier League.

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Analysis of Fulham FC Salaries

Bernd Leno £90,000 £4,680,000 GK 31
Aleksandar Mitrovic £80,000 £4,160,000 F 28
Issa Diop £70,000 £3,640,000 D 26
Sasa Lukic £63,000 £3,276,000 M 26
Kenny Tete £50,962 £2,650,000 D 27
João Palhinha £50,000 £2,600,000 M 27
Andreas Pereira £50,000 £2,600,000 M 27
Tosin Adarabioyo £40,577 £2,110,000 D 25
Kevin Mbabu £40,000 £2,080,000 D 28
Carlos Vinícius £40,000 £2,080,000 F 28
Ivan Cavaleiro £37,500 £1,950,000 F 29
Anthony Knockaert £37,500 £1,950,000 M 31
Bobby Reid £37,500 £1,950,000 M 30
Harry Wilson £35,000 £1,820,000 M 26
Joe Bryan £30,000 £1,560,000 D 29
Tom Cairney £30,000 £1,560,000 M 32
Tim Ream £30,000 £1,560,000 D 35
Harrison Reed £30,000 £1,560,000 M 28
Antonee Robinson £27,500 £1,430,000 D 25
Terence Kongolo £21,923 £1,140,000 D 29
Marek Rodak £15,000 £780,000 GK 26
Tyrese Francois £962 £50,000 M 22
Rodrigo Carvalho F 22

Fulham FC salaries can reveal interesting insights into a team’s financial status. Let’s take a closer look at the weekly and annual salaries of the club’s players, their positions, and their ages.


The club’s top-earning goalkeeper, Bernd Leno, has a weekly salary of £90,000 and an annual salary of £4,680,000. Leno is 31 years old and has played a crucial role in the team’s defense.

Marek Rodak, on the other hand, has the lowest weekly salary of £15,000 and an annual salary of £780,000. Despite his lower salary, Rodak has still made significant contributions to the team.

Bernd Leno Goalkeepers
Bernd Leno(Goalkeepers)


Aleksandar Mitrovic, the club’s top-earning forward, has a weekly salary of £80,000 and an annual salary of £4,160,000. Mitrovic is 28 years old and has proven to be an essential player for the team with his scoring abilities.

Carlos Vinícius and Ivan Cavaleiro both have a weekly salary of £40,000 and an annual salary of £2,080,000. They are both 28 years old and have provided valuable support to the team’s attacking efforts.

Aleksandar Mitrovic Forwards
Aleksandar Mitrovic(Forwards)


Kenny Tete, a 27-year-old defender, has a weekly salary of £50,962 and an annual salary of £2,650,000. He is the club’s top-earning defender and has shown his value to the team with his defensive skills.

Terence Kongolo, at 29 years old, has the lowest annual salary of £1,140,000, with a weekly salary of £21,923. Kongolo’s salary is significantly lower than other defenders, indicating that he may be a less crucial player for the team.

Kenny Tete Defenders
Kenny Tete (Defenders)


João Palhinha, Andreas Pereira, and Sasa Lukic are the top-earning midfielders for the club, with a weekly salary of £50,000 and an annual salary of £2,600,000. All three players are 27 years old and have been crucial to the team’s midfield play.

João Palhinha Midfielders
João Palhinha (Midfielders)

Tyrese Francois has the lowest salary in the team, with a weekly salary of £962 and an annual salary of £50,000. Francois is only 22 years old, and his lower salary may indicate that he is a developing player with potential.

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In conclusion, analyzing the weekly and annual salaries of Fulham FC players provides valuable insights into the financial structure of the team. While some players earn high salaries, others earn considerably less, highlighting the importance of effective salary management in the team’s success. The data also demonstrates the impact of a player’s position and age on their salary. Overall, the salary of Fulham players is an important aspect to consider when evaluating the team’s performance and potential for growth. By taking a closer look at Fulham FC salaries, fans and analysts alike can gain a deeper understanding of the team’s financial situation and make informed predictions for the future.

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