February 23, 2024
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The average FC Dallas salary stands as a testament to the club’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering success on the soccer field. As we delve into the intricacies of their salary structure, it becomes clear that FC Dallas values a balanced blend of experience and emerging potential.

FC Dallas Salary 2023

FC Dallas Salary

Jesus Ferreira $1,650,000 $1,852,000 F 22 CO
Paul Arriola $1,550,000 $1,729,400 M 28 US
Alan Velasco $1,200,000 $1,401,000 F 21 AR
Jesus Jimenez $1,100,000 $1,219,927 F 29 ES
Sebastian Lletget $975,000 $1,066,250 M 30 US
Paxton Pomykal $800,000 $908,000 M 23 US
Facundo Quignon $836,000 $890,627 M 30 AR
Jose Antonio Martinez $700,000 $773,000 D 30 ES
Sebastien Ibeagha $520,000 $583,625 D 31 NG
Jader Obrian $382,500 $467,100 F 28 CO
Ema Twumasi $320,000 $339,300 M 26 GH
Maarten Paes $300,000 $337,500 GK 25 NL
Jimmy Maurer $300,000 $317,938 GK 34 US
José Mulato $85,444 $123,627 F 20 CO
Sam Junqua $85,444 $93,777 D 26 US
Marco Farfan $425,000 $457,813 D 24 US
Amet Korça $85,444 $85,444 D 22 HR
Isaiah Parker $67,360 $77,360 F 20 US
Bernard Kamungo $85,444.00 $85,444.00 M 21 TZ
Nkosi Tafari $240,750 $240,750 D 26 US
Collin Smith $130,000 $135,000 D 19 US
Nolan Norris $67,360 $86,002 D 18 US
Tsiki Ntsabeleng $85,444 $85,444 F 25 ZA
Herbert Endeley $67,360 $67,360 F 0 US

Highest-Paid Players

Some notable names regarding salary grace the upper echelons of FC Dallas’ roster. At the forefront is Jesus Ferreira, a 22-year-old forward hailing from Colombia. His substantial base salary of $1,650,000 translates to a guaranteed salary of $1,852,000, reflecting his pivotal role within the team.

Jesus Ferreira
Jesus Ferreira

Another prominent figure is Paul Arriola, a 28-year-old midfielder from the United States. Arriola commands a base salary of $1,550,000, ensuring a guaranteed salary of $1,729,400.
Alan Velasco, a 21-year-old forward from Argentina, is another significant contributor to FC Dallas’ attacking force. His base salary of $1,200,000 results in a guaranteed salary of $1,401,000.

Balancing Experience and Youth

FC Dallas’ roster reflects a thoughtful blend of experience and emerging talent. While seasoned players contribute significantly to the team’s foundation, younger prospects are making their mark on the field.

Facundo Quignon
Facundo Quignon

Players like Jesus Jimenez and Facundo Quignon exemplify this mix. Jimenez, a 29-year-old forward from Spain, commands a base salary of $1,100,000, securing a guaranteed salary of $1,219,927. Meanwhile, 30-year-old midfielder Quignon from Argentina earns a base salary of $836,000, leading to a guaranteed salary of $890,627.

Homegrown Impact

The infusion of homegrown talents in FC Dallas’ roster demonstrates the club’s commitment to nurturing local potential. Paxton Pomykal, a 23-year-old midfielder from the United States, boasts a base salary of $800,000, with a guaranteed salary of $908,000. Pomykal’s presence underscores the value of developing talents from within the club’s ranks.

Defensive Pillars

Jose Antonio Martinez
Jose Antonio Martinez

Defensive solidity is crucial for any successful team, and FC Dallas recognizes the importance of reliable defenders. Jose Antonio Martinez, a 30-year-old defender from Spain, earns a base salary of $700,000, amounting to a guaranteed salary of $773,000. In contrast, 31-year-old Sebastien Ibeagha, hailing from Nigeria, commands a base salary of $520,000, with a guaranteed salary of $583,625.

Emerging Prospects

Jader Obrian
Jader Obrian

FC Dallas also acknowledges the potential of emerging talents. Jader Obrian, a 28-year-old forward from Colombia, earns a base salary of $382,500, securing a guaranteed salary of $467,100. Ema Twumasi, a 26-year-old midfielder from Ghana, commands a base salary of $320,000, with a guaranteed salary of $339,300.

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In conclusion, FC Dallas’ roster showcases a nuanced distribution of FC Dallas player salaries that spans a spectrum of experience, talent, and potential. The team’s financial approach underscores its dedication to maintaining competitiveness while fostering the growth of both seasoned players and emerging stars. We encourage you to visit FC Dallas‘s official website to explore further insights into FC Dallas salary. There, you can delve deeper into the details that shape the financial landscape of this prominent soccer club.

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