December 2, 2023
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Crystal Palace is one of the most beloved football clubs in England, known for their thrilling matches and impressive performances on the pitch. But beyond the excitement of the game lies an equally important aspect of the sport: the salaries of the players. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the world of Crystal Palace wages, exploring everything from the club’s highest-paid players to the newcomers earning their first professional contract. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply interested in the economics of football, this article is sure to provide valuable insights into the salaries of Crystal Palace’s talented players.

Introduction to Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace

Before we dive into the Crystal Palace wages, let’s first take a closer look at the club itself. The team was founded in 1905 and has a long and storied history. The club has been playing in the Premier League since 2013 and has a loyal fanbase that cheers them on during every match. The team has had some notable players over the years, including Ian Wright, Mark Bright, and Wilfried Zaha.

Crystal Palace salaries have been a topic of discussion among football fans and analysts for years. The Premier League is known for being one of the most lucrative leagues in the world, and the salaries of its players reflect this. In fact, the average weekly wage for a Premier League player is around £60,000. To put that in perspective, that’s more than most people in the UK earn in a year.

Crystal Palace Wages: A Detailed Look

Crystal Palace Wages

Now that we have a better understanding of Premier League wages, let’s take a closer look at the wages of Crystal Palace’s players. The table below shows the wages of some of the team’s most notable players.

Player Name Age Weekly Wage Yearly Salary Position Nationality
Wilfried Zaha 29 £130,000 £6,760,000 AM RL, ST Ivory Coast
Odsonne Edouard 24 £84,000 £4,368,000 AM L, ST France
Luka Milivojević 31 £80,000 £4,160,000 DM Serbia
Joachim Andersen 26 £75,000 £3,900,000 D C Denmark
Nathaniel Clyne 31 £69,000 £3,588,000 D/WB RL England
Vicente Guaita 35 £67,000 £3,484,000 GK Spain
Jeffrey Schlupp 29 £60,000 £3,120,000 AM LC Ghana
James McArthur 34 £55,000 £2,860,000 DM Scotland
Albert Sambi Lokonga 23 £53,000 £2,756,000 CM Belgium
Chris Richards 22 £52,000 £2,704,000 D RC U.S.A.
Jean-Philippe Mateta 25 £50,000 £2,600,000 ST France
James Tomkins 33 £50,000 £2,600,000 D C England
Ebere Eze 24 £47,000 £2,444,000 AM LC England
Cheick Doucouré 22 £47,000 £2,444,000 M C Mali
Will Hughes 27 £46,000 £2,392,000 DM, M RC England
Jaïro Riedewald 25 £45,000 £2,340,000 D L, DM Holland
Marc Guéhi 21 £44,000 £2,288,000 D C England
Michael Olise 20 £44,000 £2,288,000 AM RC France
Sam Johnstone 29 £43,000 £2,236,000 GK England
Joel Ward 32 £40,000 £2,080,000 D RLC England
Jordan Ayew 30 £40,000 £2,080,000 AM RL Ghana
Jack Butland 29 £40,000 £2,080,000 GK England
Tyrick Mitchell 22 £37,000 £1,924,000 D/WB L England
Nathan Ferguson 21 £29,000 £1,508,000 D RLC England
Malcolm Ebiowei 18 £9,000 £468,000 AM RL England
Tayo Adaramola 18 £4,600 £239,200 D/WB L Ireland
Kofi Balmer 21 £3,000 £156,000 D C N.Ireland
Killian Phillips 20 £1,000 £52,000 D C, DM Ireland
Adler Nascimento 17 £1,000 £52,000 AM RL Portugal
David Omilabu 19 £970 £50,440 AM RL, ST England

Looking at the data sheet, we can see that Wilfried Zaha is the highest-paid player in Crystal Palace, earning £130,000 per week. This is not surprising as Zaha is a key player for the team and has been performing well for them in recent seasons. However, it is worth noting that his yearly salary of £6,760,000 is significantly higher than any other player in the team.

Odsonne Edouard is the second-highest paid player in Crystal Palace, earning £84,000 per week. Edouard was signed from Celtic in the summer of 2021 and is expected to play a big role for the team in the upcoming season. His weekly wage is slightly lower than that of Luka Milivojević, who earns £80,000 per week. Milivojević is an experienced midfielder and has been a regular for Crystal Palace in recent seasons.

Odsonne Edouard
Odsonne Edouard

It is interesting to note that Crystal Palace has a mix of experienced players and young talents in their team. For instance, James McArthur and Nathaniel Clyne are both over 30 years old and earn a combined yearly salary of £6,448,000. On the other hand, players like Albert Sambi Lokonga and Tyrick Mitchell are in their early 20s and earn a combined yearly salary of £3,680,000. This shows that the team is investing in both experience and youth, which is a smart strategy for the long term.

In terms of positions, the team seems to have a good balance in their squad. They have a number of attacking players such as Wilfried Zaha, Odsonne Edouard, and Jean-Philippe Mateta, who can play as strikers or attacking midfielders. They also have a solid defensive unit with players like Joachim Andersen and Marc Guéhi, who are both young and talented defenders. In addition, they have a good mix of midfielders such as Luka Milivojević, James McArthur, and Albert Sambi Lokonga, who can provide both defensive and attacking support.

Luka Milivojević, James McArthur and Albert Sambi Lokonga
Luka Milivojević, James McArthur and Albert Sambi Lokonga

Overall, Crystal Palace seems to have a well-balanced squad in terms of positions and age groups. It will be interesting to see how they perform in the upcoming season under their new manager, Patrick Vieira.


In conclusion, Crystal Palace has managed to maintain a competitive team despite having lower wages compared to other Premier League clubs. The club’s focus on finding talented players at reasonable salaries has allowed them to remain financially stable while still achieving success on the pitch. However, with increasing financial pressure in the league, it remains to be seen how long this approach can continue. Overall, the management of Crystal Palace wages has been a delicate balancing act, but one that has proven effective in the short term.

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