February 23, 2024
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Aston Villa Football Club, one of England’s oldest and most renowned football clubs, has made significant strides in recent years, fueled by their aggressive spending and high-profile signings. As the club strives to compete at the highest level, understanding the intricacies of Aston Villa salaries becomes crucial. In this article, we delve into the world of Aston Villa salaries, analyzing their structure, trends, and the implications they hold for the club’s future success.

Analysis of Aston Villa Salaries

Analysis of Aston Villa Salaries

Aston Villa players salaries for the season 23-24 reported.

Lucas Digne £8,500,000 £163,462 D 29
Boubacar Kamara £7,800,000 £150,000 M 0
Philippe Coutinho £6,500,000 £125,000 M 30
Emiliano Martinez £6,240,000 £120,000 GK 30
Leon Bailey £5,200,000 £100,000 F 25
Diego Carlos £5,200,000 £100,000 D 30
Matty Cash £4,160,000 £80,000 D 25
Tyrone Mings £4,160,000 £80,000 D 30
Bertrand Traoré £4,056,000 £78,000 F 27
Emiliano Buendía £3,900,000 £75,000 F 26
Douglas Luiz £3,900,000 £75,000 M 25
Ollie Watkins £3,900,000 £75,000 F 27
Álex Moreno £3,640,000 £70,000 D 29
Jacob Ramsey £3,640,000 £70,000 M 21
Calum Chambers £2,600,000 £50,000 D 28
John McGinn £2,600,000 £50,000 M 28
Morgan Sanson £2,496,000 £48,000 M 28
Keinan Davis £2,340,000 £45,000 F 25
Wesley Moraes £1,820,000 £35,000 F 26
Ezri Konsa £1,560,000 £30,000 D 25
Marvelous Nakamba £1,560,000 £30,000 M 29
Cameron Archer £1,040,000 £20,000 F 21
Kortney Hause £420,000 £8,077 D 27

Analyzing Aston Villa Salaries: Insights from a Football Data Analytics Expert

As a football data analytics expert, analyzing the salaries of Aston Villa players is crucial to understanding the financial investment that the club has made in its team. In this article, we will delve into the annual and weekly salaries of the players, their positions, and ages, to uncover some interesting insights.

Highest and Lowest Salaries

The highest annual salary belongs to Lucas Digne, who earns £8,500,000 per year. On the other hand, Kortney Hause earns the lowest annual salary of £420,000. This indicates a considerable gap in earnings between the highest and lowest-paid players at the club.

Lucas Digne
Lucas Digne

Defenders Earn More than Attackers

The data sheet shows that the majority of the highest earners are defenders. Lucas Digne, Diego Carlos, and Matty Cash are all defenders who earn over £4 million per year. In contrast, only one forward, Leon Bailey, is a top earner at the club. This suggests that the club places a higher value on their defenders than their attackers.

Younger Players Earn Less

The data shows that the average age of the highest earners is 29 years old. This is significantly older than the average age of the lowest-paid players, which is 25 years old. It appears that the club values experience over youth when it comes to paying their players.

Goalkeepers Earn More than Midfielders

The highest-earning midfielder is Philippe Coutinho, who earns £6,500,000 per year. However, this is still less than the lowest-earning goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez, who earns £6,240,000 per year. This suggests that the club values the role of the goalkeeper more than the midfielders in terms of their financial investment.

Philippe Coutinho
Philippe Coutinho

Homegrown Talent is Affordable

Cameron Archer, who is a product of Aston Villa’s youth academy, earns a salary of £1,040,000 per year, which is considerably less than some of the club’s top earners. This shows that investing in homegrown talent can be an affordable way for the club to build a strong team.

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Factors Influencing Aston Villa Salaries

Factors Influencing Aston Villa Salaries

Aston Villa players salaries are influenced by various factors. One of the most significant factors is player performance and potential. Players who perform well and have the potential to become world-class players are often paid more. Age and experience are also important factors. Younger players are often paid less than older, more experienced players. The position of the player is also a significant factor. Players in positions such as striker or midfielder are often paid more than defenders or goalkeepers. Finally, market demand is another factor that influences player salaries. If there is high demand for a player, the club will often pay more to secure the player’s services.

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Impact of Aston Villa player Salaries on the Club

The salaries of Aston Villa players have both positive and negative impacts on the club. On the positive side, high salaries attract top talent to the club, which can lead to better on-field performance and success. In addition, high salaries can also increase the club’s revenue, through increased ticket sales, merchandise sales, and sponsorships. On the negative side, high salaries can also lead to financial instability for the club, especially if the performance of the players does not meet expectations. Additionally, if the salaries are not managed properly, it can create a wage bill that puts a strain on the club’s finances and limits its ability to invest in other areas.

Analyzing the club’s financial stability in relation to player salaries is crucial. The club’s management must ensure that the wage structure is sustainable and aligns with the club’s overall financial strategy. This involves carefully balancing the desire to attract top talent with the need to maintain a stable financial position.


In conclusion, Aston Villa salaries play a significant role in the club’s success on and off the field. By offering competitive wages to their players, they ensure that they remain motivated and committed to the club’s objectives. However, it is also essential to note that the club’s management must balance its financial responsibilities while also investing in the team’s development. By striking the right balance, the club can continue to attract top talent and achieve long-term success in the highly competitive football industry.

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